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Burton Family – September 2017


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Romans 15:12b – “and weep with them that weep”
Many of you have prayed for us as I traveled into Bougainville to look for land. Amy stayed behind and focused hard on finishing her degree to teach Literacy in Bougainville. Let me say first thank you for your prayers for both of us. I am glad to tell you that God heard your prayers and ours, although He answered in a way that only He could. Today my heart breaks more for Arawa (the town in Bougainville God has called us to) because I have wept with them that weep. I thank God that He allowed me this time to sit and learn the history of this people who hurt so much because so much has been taken from them and done to them. The process of getting land is not quite done yet although it is in progress. We are awaiting confirmation from two different sources about getting a title to land in one case and a sublease of land from another party in the other case. I won’t go into much detail here for sake of space but please keep praying for us as we prepare to depart soon after the holidays for Bougainville. Please also pray for Patrick, Amos, Bosco and Damien and their wives as they work while I am away. While in Arawa, I had nightly meetings and times of prayer with these men and their wives, and there was a unique bonding. They asked questions about me and I got to know them better as well.

When God tells us His ways are not our ways and His thoughts not like our thoughts, He has such better things prepared for us. This trip to Bougainville was a time of yielding as well as a time of growth as I seek for God to work and prepare us in His way and grow our faith in Him. I had to yield all my abilities and worldly knowledge from the “get it done” environment I worked in for many years” to a place of faith and trust. Believe me, this was challenge! I know I could have forced open several doors in an effort to report back that the land issue is done. Yet, I became more concerned about what my forcing the issues would do in hurting the work that I believe God wants to do in Bougainville. Just as I don’t want to force someone to trust Christ as Savior, I don’t want to kick open doors for land that God does not want opened.

Thank you…
During this time of “Furlation” where we not only report to our existing churches but are seek to raise new support, I just want to say “Thank You”! So many have recommended us to other churches and even made phone calls or wrote letters on our behalf. Other churches have voted to increase our support above and beyond their own power by faith, entrusting God to do a work through us in Bougainville. In a place where false religion is rampant, we need to go in with outward strength of credibility and integrity with an inward strength of faith and grace. Without your gifts to help us establish a foothold in Bougainville it may just be that they remain in darkness. Once we get land, we will have to build. Please keep this in prayer. We have strived and saved to transition into Bougainville. Now we seek to build that “The Light” might have a place in Bougainville.

And Finally Burton Bloopers…
So the other day one of our children was eating a bag of Doritos and as they completed the end of the bag they thought, “Wow that was a great bag of Doritos”. They then saw the phone number on the bag that said, “Call for complaints”. Well with Dad having worked in customer service and they now having to work in customer service they said, people always call with bad news and so I am going to call and tell them how good these were. The call was made and the lady who picked up the phone was in disbelief that someone would call to tell them they enjoyed a bag. – We should all look to bless someone from time to time-even Doritos!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and investment in our family and ministry.
The Burtons – Doug, Amy, Abby, Drew and Beth – Hebrews 12:2

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