2017 Prayer Letters

Burton Family – July 2017

Since arriving in America I have found a new drink that I enjoy while driving, it is cold brewed coffee or also known as a Cold Brew. Well recently, I was in a church and as I was behind the pulpit, I said, “Have you all tried one of those Cold Brews yet? I am loving them!” After speaking, someone came to me and mentioned that I might want to define the term Cold Brew because Beer is called Brew in America. Good point, Clarify, Clarify, Clarify when speaking.

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Burton Family – June 2017

What I saw there exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt, God is doing a work in Wipim through Pastor Arusa, his leadership team, and the continuing work amongst the Wipi tribe. Previously I spoke to Arusa via text and gave those reports through the prayer letter but to see the results first hand was even better than how Arusa described it. As you have supported us through prayer and finances, God has born fruit to your account – not through us, but according to His own purpose and grace.

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Burton Family – May 2017

“Brother/Sister Burton, we have to say we honestly did not think you were going to make it past the first term in New Guinea.” While that may seem like a backhanded compliment, many knew our life and background in San Diego. So, I understand completely and am thankful to God that He – and not we ourselves – called us to Papua New Guinea.

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Burton Family – April 2017

So, she said to Beth, “When are you going to purchase those chairs for the table?” To which Beth replied, “Well, I want to get a dog first and, besides, you don’t even sit at the table!” Abby, perplexed, stated, “Beth, I can’t sit at the table – it has no chairs! Buy the chairs before the dog so I can sit down at it!” Roommates and sisters! Love it!

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Burton Family – February 2017

Amy and I are often asked when visiting a church or friends if we have any needs. Because there are many good missionaries with many needs, we are careful of what we ask. Relocating from the Western Province bush of Wipim to the island Bougainville Province will mean significant expenses, as we essentially will be starting over. So, that is our most challenging need and we are actively saving for it.

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Burton Family – January 2017

To view or Print in PDF click link >>>>>>> January 2017 Romans 5:20b – Not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man’s foundation… Many religions call themselves “Christian” and in Bougainville Province of Papua New Guinea there are many who claim the name. However, many of those are not Christian by the biblical definition. Rather, they are trusting in family, church

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