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We are often asked if there is any needs on the foreign field?

Just like in America there are always needs here in the Remote Villages of Papua New Guinea. The people here are primarily farmers and the money they make comes in two forms they either work for the government or they farm and sell to those who work in the government or they will sell to us.

In the Wipi tribe that we work within 95 % of them are farmers so that leaves a little percentage that can purchase from them and we as the missionaries are the largest percentage and that is just three of us.

We purchase coconuts, taro, yams, greens and sometimes deer or cassowary. Often we trade items that the people need such as salt, soap, sugar or diapers. Well you can imagine we cannot eat all the food we purchase or trade for so we will give away what we cannot eat, but that always leaves an expense that we occur from bringing in items and instead of our monthly support going to us it sometimes supports a portion of the village.

The cost of things in Papua New Guinea is about three times what it is in America and then if you want to have it brought into the Western Province it is even more expensive. It has been said, “people don’t care what you know, till they know how much you care”.

This trading is a necessary part of missions as it allows us contact with those we may never get to speak to and to give them the gospel, but it is also only part of what we do here.

Please pray about what part you may have in helping us reach the many people in the Remote Villages of Papua New Guinea.

All donations are tax deductible when given to us through Lighthouse Baptist Church a 501c3 charity under U.S. Tax code laws.

I will leave you with this one thought… What is one soul worth – Could you be a part of what God is doing amongst the Wipi Tribe in the Remote Villages of Papua New Guinea?