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So you want to come to a mission field?

Papua New Guinea will offer you a one of a kind look at a mission field in a unique, picturesque and unexpected place, for Papua New Guinea is the “Land of the Unexpected”.

Just to give you a forewarning- Many have come and returned to their homes only to find that Papua New Guinea has forever changed them, it has done this to us as well.

Papua New Guinea offers so much to do and see and there is nothing like walking to a village over streams on a log or going swimming in a reef and seeing fish and sea cucumbers up close. Although I find the greatest thing to do in Papua New Guinea is to sit and talk to the people or to watch them as they harvest their gardens or make Sago. The Papuans are a very humble people who enjoy their culture and are very much a tribal society.

If you are interested in visiting we can send you some information that will help you in preparing to come we know that once you get here – you will never be the same.